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    Adlana Co. Limited has a team of experienced HSE consultants available to assist and provide independent advice to your organization. We have experience with planning, implementation, evaluating, and the continuous improvement of HSE systems. If your organization requires a subject matter expert to develop a program, complete an audit or gap analysis, contact us today to discuss viable and cost effective solutions.

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    With over 15 years of experience: we’ll ensure you always get the best

    Training and Procedural Development
    Training incident investigation& Management
    Training on OHS Act-Legal liability

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  • Experience in Transportation

    With over 15 years of experience we’ll ensure you always get the best
    Vehicle Supplies,Transportation Services

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  • Supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and
    security installations

    Safety Boots,Safety Glass/goggles (all types),Hard hats,Safety vests-(high visibility vests),Coveralls (all types),Hand gloves (all types),Safety harness-working at height equipment.

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Welcome to Adlana Co. Ltd

Adlana Co. Limited is local reliable HSEQ consulting and training company, registered on 2nd April 2014 under Tanzania Companies Act (2002) and was awarded registration no 107260.OSHA Registered as HSE Consultancy & Training Firm-Reg. No. DAR/6853.TRA registered with TIN 125-329-098 - With EFD Transactions. We have over 15 years of professional HSEQ experience in telecommunications, Oil & Gas, Construction, Water Infrastructure Schemes as well as Power (Electrical) & Energy

We have broad portfolio in Project Specific Risk Assessment, Site HSE Monitoring, Compliance Audits, ESIA, EA, Air Quality Monitoring, Emergency preparedness Planning and Response, Incident investigation, Contractor Management, Mechanical and Structural integrity, Process hazard Analysis, and OHS Trainings and certifications.

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Training and Procedural Development

Development and implement HSEQ System based on ISO 14001 (Environment), OHAS 18001 (Safety), and ISO 19001 (Quality) standards.

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Training incident investigation& Management

We are internationally accepted to provide High potential (HiPO) and Major and other than Fatality,Serious incidents,Minor incidents

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Emergency Evacuation Procedures

We are Dealing with all Types of workplace emergency, how to respond on various emergency, safety of people in case of fire/emergency, Behavioral factors, Floor

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Basic Fire fighting Training

Standards, procedures and classes of fires and codes of practice. Symbolic sings, exit doors, fire fighting equipment, fire hydrants, escape routes, alarm positions

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HSE Personnel

Our people are experienced, professional, and have the skills needed to achieve the desired HSE performance, ensure compliance, and provide onsite HSE

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Transport services

Our transportation activities will be conducted on the basis that safety of all personnel is of vital importance.We deal with Vehicle Supplies,Transportation Services

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Training on OHS Act-Legal liability

Main objectives, Legal liability, Duties of employees and employers, HSE Representatives, HSE Committees, Accidents and Incidents, Workplace

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security equipment installations.Our quality installations are performed by highly trained and dependable technicians. Their goal is to make sure you have the right system for less.

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Supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and security installations

Safety Boots,Safety Glass/goggles (all types),Hard hats,Safety vests-(high visibility vests),Coveralls (all types),Hand gloves

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ADLANA core values

What is behind the best Us

-We are ambitious, never satisfied with the status quo
-We invest in our knowledge, expertise and experience
-We have robust discussions make decision and stick to them
-We always deliver on our commitment

-We evaluate risk, make informed decision and move quickly
-We are tenacious, removing obstacles to achieve our goals
-We adapt and find simple solutions to complex problems
-We partner with Industry leaders and innovators

-We act with integrity, never compromising on our ethics and obligations
-We work safely, respect hoist communities and protect the environment
-We hold each other to account in order to achieve our best
-We respect everyone and ignore no-one

-We communicate with clarity and consistency
-We are honest with ourselves and our partners
-We actively seek feedback and encourage diverse views
-We strive to make ADLANA a great company to be involved with.

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Nothing is so important that can not be done safely.
We make our clients happy and site accidents a thing of the past but its lesson learnt is carried forward.