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  • ADLANA aims to protect the health, safety and environment of the people, to minimize the environmental impact associated with our clients business and to ensure integrity and safe operation of our clients
  • The ADLANA Management team firmly believes that strong HSE performance is integral to business performance and our primary HSE goal is to deliver our service with zero injuries to our clients
  • In order to foster a culture in which all employees and contractors share this commitment, ADLANA will:
  1. –Ensure that the business decisions are driven by the intent and sprit of our client’s business principals
  2. –Demonstrate consistent and committed HSE leadership visible across the business
  3. –Ensure adequate resources are made available to meet the HSE performance in the business
  4. –Comply with relevant Health, Safety and environmental regulations
  5. –Regularly review HSE performance and set up plans  for HSE improvements
  6. –Reinforce and stay committed to our four duties: observation, intervention, compliance and contractor management
  7. –Effective communicate HSE matters with ADLANA’s Clients and stakeholders
  8. –Maintain effective emergency preparedness and response capabilities
  9. –To empower teams members to stop work whenever they believe there is a danger to people, the environment or the safe operation of the assets